Past Fellows

Past visiting faculty, pre-doctoral, and undergraduate fellows.

Faculty & Predoctoral Fellows

Spring & Summer 2017

Paul Zachary (pre-doctoral)

PhD student in the Department of Political Science, University of California, San Diego

Paul's research agenda addresses political conflict in a number of settings. Paul's dissertation project concerns how exposure to crime influences political behavior. He is currently developing an original data set on every felony arrest made in Washington state in 2011-2012. These data are then matched to voting records in Washington. 

  • Developed a new model with Political Science professor Shawn Ramirez
  • Collaborated on an NIJ (National Institute of Justice) grant with Political Science professors Tom Clark, Michael Owens, and Adam Glynn
  • Worked on dissertation 

Martyna Kobus

Assistant Professor, the Institute of Economics Polish Academy of Sciences

Shan Suthaharan 

Professor of Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Spring 2016

Christopher Berry

Associate Professor of Public Policy, Director of the Center for Municipal Finance, and Faculty Director of the Master of Science Program in Computational Analysis and Public Policy University of Chicago

Elliott Sober

Hans Reichenbach Professor and William F. Vilas Research Professor in the Philosophy Department, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Michael Rubin (pre-doctoral)

PhD student in the Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Fall 2016

Alberto Purpura (pre-doctoral)

BE in Information Engineering, now ME student in Computer Engineering at University of Padua, Italy.

Works with professor Roberto Franzosi (Emory) on PC-ACE (Program for Computer-Assisted Coding of Events) since March 2015 and developed various NLP solutions for Quantitative Narrative Analysis. Will collaborate with professor Franzosi implementing new Natural Language Processing tools to classify verbal data automatically and extract Subject-Verb-Object triplets from narrative text.

Alex Avramov

Research Project Manager, Rollins School of Public Health

His research focuses on understanding ice microphysical processes in clouds and how aerosols, dynamics, and microphysics influence cloud structure and lifetime. He is interested in cloud physics and boundary-­‐layer dynamics, particularly in understanding the complicated interactions between cloud microphysics, dynamics and radiation in mixed-­‐phase clouds and their correct representation in numerical models.

Although his research until now has been focused explicitly on mixed-­‐phase boundary-­‐layer clouds, he is now going to implement his skill sets to broaden his scope and apply his knowledge to other type of clouds, specifically those in South Asia. He is researching cloud microphysics and dynamics and collaborating on aerosol-­‐cloud interactions with Dr. Eri Saikawa in Environmental Sciences at Emory. 

Summer 2015

Will Moore

Alumni Distinguished Professor, Political Science, Florida State University

Guy David

Associate Professor of Healthcare Management, University of Pennsylvania

Spring 2014

Russell Bernard

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, University of Florida

  • Conducted a workshop titled “Research Design in Anthropological Studies”
  • Tutored Anthropology graduate students in research design
  • Worked on a new edition of his book, co-authored with Gery Ryan, on analyzing qualitative data

Annalisa Quaini

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston

  • Collaborated with professor Alessandro Veneziani and Luca Bertagna on a research project involving a Leray model with a deconvolution-based indicator function for the simulation of incompressible fluid flow at moderately large Reynolds number with under-resolved meshes. For the implementation of the model, they adopted a three-step algorithm called evolve-filter-relax (EFR) that requires the solution of a Navier-Stokes problem, the solution of a Stokes-like problem to filter the Navier-Stokes velocity field, and a final relaxation step. 

Fall 2014

Ermal Shpuza 

Associate Professor of Architecture, Southern Polytechnic State University 

Ermal Shpuza is Associate Professor at Architecture Department, Southern Polytechnic State University, and Visiting Assistant Professor at Art History Department, Emory. His scholarship spans across architectural and urban morphology, complex systems in the built environment, urban history, environmental design, and design computing. He studies the built environment from micro to macro scales including the evolution of Mediterranean cities, shape description, interaction between boundary shape and circulation network in cities and buildings, impact of physiography on street networks, and effects of building floorplate on daylighting and acoustics. He teaches design studios focusing on urban renewal and passive environmental systems, and courses on methods of inquiry, spatial morphology, urban design theory, environmental technology, and digital design. He is recipient of several awards and research grants, has lectured internationally, and has contributed to numerous journals and symposia. As a registered architect, he has been involved in the design of several office buildings, adaptive reuse, and urban projects.
  • Taught ARTHIST 210/592: Introduction to Graphics & CAD, a course in the department of Art History that introduces students to drafting, modeling, rendering and, animation, and explores the potential of the computer as an active analytical and design instrument.
  • Gave a lecture titled “Quantifying the Social Logic of Buildings and Cities”
  • Conducted a workshop titled “Spatial Analysis in Architecture and Archaeology”
  • Began research collaboration with professor Michele Benzi, and doctoral student Francesca Arrigo
  • Advised a doctoral student in the department of Anthropology on spatial analysis of urban settlements

Heather Briggs (pre-doctoral)

Ph.D student, Environmental Studies, University of California Santa Cruz

  • Collaborated with professor Berry Brosi on a research project examining how fixed morphological traits influence how individual pollinators respond behaviorally to a reduction in interspecific competition; research related to her dissertation.

Summer 2013

Jason Fletcher

Associate Professor of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

  • Gave a lecture titled "Understanding Heterogeneous Effects of Health Policies Using a Gene-Environment Interaction Framework"

Zachary Peskowitz

Assistant Professor of Political Science, The Ohio State University

Georg Vanberg

Professor of Political Science, UNC Chapel Hill

  • Conducted a joint research project with an Emory faculty member and graduate student, which produced one paper on judicial decision-making, and spawned additional work. 

Spring 2013

Coen Elemans

Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Southern Denmark

  • Gave a lecture titled "Singing in the Fast Lane: the Neuromechanics of Sound Production in Vocal Vertebrates"
  • Collaborated with professor Sam Sober (Biology) on experimental studies of vocal production mechanisms in songbirds

Jeffrey Racine

Senator William McMaster Chair in Econometrics, Professor of Economics, Professor in the Graduate Program of Statistics, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

  • Led a 5-day workshop titled “A Primer on Recent Advances in Nonparametric Estimation and Inference"
  • Met with a number of graduate students and assisted them with their statistical analysis
  • Presented research in the Department of Economics
  • Presented research in the School of Public Health 

Jeffrey Arnold (pre-doctoral)

PhD student in the Department of Political Science, University of Rochester

  • Continued conducting research and writing his dissertation. 
  • Presented current research to faculty in the department of Political Science

Fall 2013

Ernesto Estrada

Chair in Complexity Sciences at the Institute of Complex Systems and Professor at the Department of Physics and Department of Mathematics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K.

  • Taught a graduate course in the department of Mathematics & Computer Science, MATH 577R: Seminar in Combinatorics: Introduction to Complex Networks
  • Led a workshop titled “Networks from the Real World"

Undergraduate Fellows

2016-2017 Fellows


Qianqian Chen

Qianqian Chen is a senior double majoring in Applied Math & Statistics and Computer Science. She is interested in applying statistical theories and methods to the field of public health. As a QuanTM fellow she is working with Dr. Huang on a biostatistics research project focused on quantile regression analysis using R.

Qianru Wu

Qianru Wu is a senior double majoring Environmental Sciences and Economics. She is interested in using quantitative methods to assess environmental problems. She has been working with Dr. Saikawa for two semesters and she plans to continue researching with Dr. Saikawa on the project of comparing the emission inventories in India. 

Eukyung Yhang

Eukyung Yhang is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Quantitative Sciences and English & Creative Writing. She is interested in using statistics in the field of psychology and health. She has been working in the Bauer Memory Lab and currently doing a meta-analysis on the topic of emotional memory


Shuohao Zhang

Shuohao is a junior majoring in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Economics. He is interested in the application of quantitative research on macroeconomics and financial economics. He is working with Dr. Yue on a project to study the oscillations of currency exchange rates in terms of policy and market.

2015-2016 Fellows

Kanghong Shao

Kanghong Shao is a senior majoring in the joint major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. He is interested in applying statistical and data analytics skills to real-world issues in both researches such as Public Health and Psychology as well as business fields such as marketing and advertising. As a QuanTM fellow he is working with Prof. Kathryn M. Yount on the project of Community Influences on Female Genital Cutting / Mutilation in Africa. He is now working in the phase of the dataset building and variables selection.

Hanyong Wu

Hanyong Wu is a junior majored in Applied Math and CS. He is interested in statistics and the use of quantitative methods. As a QuanTM fellow he is working with Dr. Vicki Hertzberg on a biostatistics research project measuring social contacts in the Emergency Department at Emory Midtown Hospital. Hanyong plans to purse a master degree of financial engineering and work on business field in the future. 

2014-2015 Fellows


Joo Eun Hwang

Joo Eun Hwang is a junior majoring in Mathematics and Economics. He is interested in public finance, financial economics, and econometrics. As a QuanTM fellow he is working with Dr. Gregory Martin in the Department of Political Science. he plans on pursuing a doctoral degree in Economics and desires to contribute to the development of developing countries in the future.


Congzheng Song

Congzheng Song is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and is pursuing a joint major in Computer Science and Mathematics and a minor in East Asian Studies. He is interested in the field of statistics, data science, and their applications. As a QuanTM fellow he is working with Dr. Clifford Carrubba on a political science research project analyzing roll-call voting and worldwide legislative behaviors. Currently, Congzheng is working on the data extraction part of the project using his computer science skills.

2013-2014 Fellows


Rebecca Berge

Becca Berge is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Mathematics and Political Science. Within her focus of American politics, she is writing a thesis and working with Dr. Beth Reingold on research concerning gender, race, and representation in legislatures in the United States. 


Abigail Chambers

Abigail is currently a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a BS in Mathematics and a secondary degree in Middle Eastern Studies. In addition to speaking French, she is studying Arabic and Hebrew at Emory in order to pursue her academic goals. She hopes to earn an MA in Political Science with a concentration in peace negotiations and conflict management, with the intention of focusing on the Middle East. During the fellowship she is assisting Dr. Shawn Ramirez with her work examining components of peace negotiations through text analysis of relevant documents.

Regina Seo

Regina Seo is a senior majoring in Economics/Mathematics. She is interested in economic development, policies, and behavioral economics. As a QuanTM fellow she is working with Dr. Maasoumi on income mobility and inequality in the economies of the United States, China, and India. She plans on pursuing a doctoral degree in Economics or Public Policy and her dream is to work on policies in international organizations. 


Josh Weinstock

Josh Weinstock is a junior at Emory University studying Mathematics and Psychology. Josh is interested in data science and machine learning. As a fellow Josh is working in Professor Waldman's lab in the Psychology department, which studies the genetic etiology of childhood psychiatric disorders. Josh is also a baseball operations trainee for the Washington Nationals baseball team, contributing to proprietary statistical research and database construction.