Yunxiao Chen

Assistant Professor

The Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods

Assistant Professor

The Department of Psychology

Office: 370 Psychology Building

Phone: 404-727-7657


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Department of Psychology

36 Eagle Row
Emory University

Atlanta, GA 30322

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  • Ph.D, Statistics, Columbia University, 2016


Dr. Chen’s primary scholarly focus is on statistical methods in diagnostic assessment and the role of latent variables and latent variable models in psychological measurement. His articles have been published in a number of leading journals including Applied Psychological MeasurementJournal of the American Statistical Association and Psychometrika.


Latent variable modeling and variable selection and their applications in psychological and educational measurement, including problems in item response theory, latent class analysis, multidimensional scaling and unfolding, diagnostic measurement, and network analysis. Sequential analysis, with applications in computerized adaptive testing and adaptive tutoring. High dimensional data analysis.


Chen, Y., Liu, J., Xu, G. and Ying, Z. (2015). Statistical Analysis of Q-matrix Based Diagnostic Classification Models. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 110, 850-866.

Chen, Y., Liu, J. and Ying, Z. (2015). Online Item Calibration for Q-matrix in CD-CAT. Applied Psychological Measurement, 39, 5-15.

Sun, J., Chen, Y., Liu, J., Ying, Z. and Tao, X. (2016). Latent Variable Selection for Multidimensional Item Response Theory Models via  Regularization. Psychometrika. In press.