Dimitrios Zaras

Statistics Help Desk Employee

The Department of Sociology

Office: 412 Modern Languages Building

Email: quantm.help.desk@gmail.com


  • PhD, Sociology, Emory University, expected May 2021
  • MS, Sociology, University of North Texas, 2015
  • BS, Finance, University of Macedonia, 2011


I am a 4th year Sociology PhD student and throughout the course of my graduate studies I have received training in various statistical methods. I am familiar with linear regression, generalized linear models, and hierarchical linear models. I also have experience with structural equation modelling and social network analysis. I have some familiarity with machine learning for text analysis, a technique on which I will get more training in the next few months.

I am more familiar with observational data, which is the kind of data I use for my own research. My experience with experimental data is limited to exercises that I have had to work on for the different Statistics courses I have taken in the past.

Beyond my training and experience using various statistical techniques, I am also experienced in teaching statistics. This Spring I was co-teaching a “Social Statistics” course, an introductory Statistics course for Sociology majors. Also, I have two semesters of teaching experience as a QTM 100 Teaching Assistant. 

Packages: I am proficient in R and SPSS. I am familiar with Stata and Python, and I have beginner-level experience with SAS.

Office Hours

  • Spring 2020 
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The Statistics Help Desk will be closed on Monday Jan 20 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The Statistics Help Desk will operate 11am-1pm on Tuesday January 21.

  • Fall 2019 
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  • Summer 2019
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My research focuses on the intersection of the evaluation of cultural products and career trajectories of individuals who work in creative industries. I am interested in how professional critics’ and audiences’ criteria of evaluation change over time and how they are influenced by broader societal shifts. Also, I study how individuals who work in creative industries, film critics in particular, respond to the challenges related to the precarious nature of work in those fields.