Themed Event Submission

QTM's Themed Event Submission

QTM funds quantitative science themes for up to a year. By facilitating such data-driven, quantiative events, QTM strives to enrich the Emory community and exhibit various topics, methodologies, and applications. We encourage any faculty in the Emory community to submit a proposal for a QTM theme.

Proposals should include a theme title, explanation of the theme, a description of its importance, and requested components for the theme (this may include speakers, faculty fellows from outside institutions, workshops, and/or conferences). Proposals should be no more than two pages in length. The duration and content of each theme is entirely flexible: themes can be anywhere between a semester and a year in length. The author of the theme is responsible for collaborating with QTM staff to invite speakers and visitors, construct itineraries, and give introductory remarks at events. In compensation for this responsibility, the author of an accepted proposal will receive a research account supplement each semester of the theme.

All submissions and questions about proposals may be sent to