Many phenomena in the physical, biological, social, and humanistic worlds can be understood as network based. Complex Networks represent a point of interdisciplinary convergence because

1) network architectures, regardless of discipline, tend to have similar properties

2) they face similar challenges, and

3) they require the same methodological tools.

The Interdisciplinary Forum on Complex Networks (IFCN) has the mission to generate a platform where scientists from different disciplines and units at Emory University and beyond join together to discuss and share methodological, theoretical, and practical ideas that concern complex networks.  Participation of postdoctoral students and graduate students is an integral part of the success of this initiative.

The forum's first meeting in September included short presentations by experts in Public Health, Cancer Biology, Mathematics, Economics, and Political Science, and other members of the College community. In its October meeting, members discussed ways to collect network data. Stay tuned for next month's forum.

The Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods provides meeting space for monthly complex network forum meetings. Meetings are organized by Associate Professor Monica Capra from the Department of Economics.