Robert Ragan

Professor Robert Ragan is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Emory¿s Political Science Department. Professor Ragan will partner with QuanTM in the spring of 2013 to start up a Complex Adaptive Social Systems reading group for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students.

Professor Ragan is also the coordinator for the Atlanta Julia Group, and similarly plans to develop and initiate group meetings in the spring of 2013. Julia is a new scientific programming language.

Previously a Searle Visiting Assistant Professor at Duke University, professor Ragan has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in political science and economics. His research focuses on using agent-based and simulation computational modeling to isolate how and to what extent political institutions themselves shape policy. Professor Ragan has also created and compiled resources for learning and using the programming language R.

Visit Robert Ragan¿s website for more information about his academic endeavors.

The Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods will host these groups at the Institute and provide refreshments for their meetings.