For Graduate Students

We offer a number of programs designed to support graduate students interested in quantitative theory and methodology.

Quantitative Graduate Courses at Emory

Strong quantitative knowledge can be an asset in your research and professional development. We have compiled a course list to help you do that, no matter your field.

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Statistics Help Desk

Graduate students in need of statistical consulting are welcome to use QTM's statistics help desk.

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Meet & Greets

QTM invites graduate students from all disciplines to discuss quantitative methodology over lunch. Come meet and greet your fellow graduate students! Topics change every semester.

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Teaching Assistantships

Hone your teaching and quantitative skills by serving as a QTM TA! Teaching Assistantship positions are updated on a semesterly basis.

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Doctoral Fellowships

Fellowship opportunities through QTM are available to advanced (years 5+) students in Laney Graduate School and to graduate students at non-Emory institutions.

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All Events

QTM's event programming is not exclusive to graduate students, but will be of interest to many.

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