Courses for QSS Majors

The B.S. in Quantitative Sciences combines intensive quantitative training with studies in a specific major in the social sciences, natural sciences, or humanities. Its purpose is to teach you to draw well-reasoned inferences about the world from data. 

Students are required to take the requisite QTM coursework and pair it with a substantive track (track requirements vary). Additional elective courses may need to be taken to fulfill 50 credit hours for the QSS degree. QSS or substantive field courses can constitute additional electives.

Please note, students must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 to graduate with any major or minor from the department.

All classes counting toward the degree must be taken for a letter grade.

Core QTM Coursework

Substantive Tracks

Substantive Courses of Interest

  • Are you pursuing one of the unstructured tracks in QSS? Are you unsure of what substantive courses to choose? 
  • Are you pursuing a structured track in QSS and have an open elective or two to complete? Are you unsure of what elective to choose?

We compiled a list of substantive courses that may be of interest to you! This list includes track eligible courses that contain a quantitative component. 

List of Substantive Courses of Potential Interest to QSS Students