QTM 496: Quantitative Sciences Internship

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to apply learned curriculum through direct participation in a quantitative internship position and receive academic credit for their experience. Securing an appropriate internship and completing the relevant application form is the responsibility of the student.

NOTE:  Students may not receive academic credit for paid internships.


  • This course is open only to Quantitative Sciences, Applied Math & Statistics, or Public Policy Analysis major students with a 3.0 GPA or above
  • This course must be taken for a letter grade and may be used to satisfy the continued writing requirement
  • The internship must take place during the enrolled semester
  • Only four credits, taken at one time, may count towards the QSS major. Those credits will count as general major credit and will not fulfill any upper-level elective requirement. 
  • Credit cannot be applied retroactively 
  • In order to receive academic credit, a student must enroll in QTM 496R(W) and pay the tuition for the course. This includes summer internships.


Applications are approved or declined provisionally.