QTM499: Quantitative Sciences Capstone

The senior capstone for QTM is a culminating (1 – 2 semester-long) experience for seniors (juniors may be accepted under special circumstances).  It is a distinctive industry-college collaboration where organizations (capstone partners) bring us their unique challenges, and a team of 3-5 students is composed to provide theoretically sound, analytically rigorous and creative solutions.

The capstone course provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of the foundations, theory and methods of data science, along with their substantive expertise to address data driven problems in industry, government, and the non-profit sector.  There is also a writing lab component of the capstone where students learn professional communication and can hone thier presentation and writing skills.  Capstone partners can expect periodic progress updates throughout the semester and a final deliverable that consists of a presentation of findings/insights, applicable models/code, and a recommended course of action.

Projects are expected to progress through the following phases:

·         background and problem definition

·         data wrangling, munging and cleaning

·         exploratory data analysis

·         development of models/code/algorithms/solutions

·         data visualization

·         reporting and communication 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  Can I enroll in QTM 499: Quantitative Sciences Capstone directly in OPUS?

A:  At present, no. Information about how to participate in the capstone is distributed to QTM majors via listserv email to all QTM majors. It is extremely important that you read emailed communications from QTM if you wish to be informed of upcoming Quantitative Sciences Capstone opportunities.


Q:  What is the approximate time commitment that is expected on a weekly basis?

A:  The expectation is 8-10 hours per week for three credit hours.


Q:  Is this course graded or Pass/Fail?

A:  The course is graded.


Q:  Who are the faculty mentors?

A:  For the Fall 2018 Capstone: Dr. Glynn and Dr. Montagnes; For Spring 2019 - Dr. Garcia-Jimeno. 


Q:  Does this course count as a core 300 level elective for the QSS major?

A:  This course will not count as one of the three required electives


Q: Can the academic credits I receive through the QTM capstone count towards my major?

A: Yes, the credits can count towards the general credit hour requirements for the QSS major. You cannot substitute for any of the required core courses or electives, but the credit hours can count towards the overall 50+ credits you need for the QSS major.


Q:  How many credits is this course? 

A:  This course is three credits per semester


Q:  What is the format of this class?  Traditional classroom or some other setting?

A:  This will not be a traditional course. It will operate more like an honors thesis or internship class. There will be weekly meetings with the project sponsor and the faculty mentor. The amount of meeting time will probably vary as the project proceeds and needs dictate. This project is only for serious-minded, self-motivated students interesting in getting an exciting real world experience.

Students will meet as a team during scheduled times and will engage with the capstone partner several times during the duration of the project.


Q:  Will the writing lab satisfy the college WRT (writing) requirement? 

A:  No. The lab component is a 1 credit supplement that does not meet the WRT requirement.


Q:  How will I know about the AY 2019-2020 Capstone?

A:  Currently, no information is available for these opportunities. When information becomes available, it will be sent out via QTM Major and Minor listservs. Please be sure to check your inbox regularly for updates.


Q:  Who should I contact if I have more questions? 

A:  We can be reached via IQTM@emory.edu.


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