Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions about the Applied Math & Statistics joint major.

What is the Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) major?

The AMS major is a joint major program from QTM and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (Math/CS) that combines the rigor of a B.S. degree with an emphasis on topics in applied mathematics and statistics. The purpose of this joint major is to prepare students for employment in many data- or quantitatively-oriented fields, or for graduate study in applied mathematics or in statistics. It is also suitable for those interested in interdisciplinary graduate training across the social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.

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How many courses / credit hours do I need to complete the AMS major?

A combination of 20 courses, totaling 54-59 credit hours, is required to complete the major. You’ll take a minimum of seven quantitative/statistics courses offered by QTM, and 13 math and computer science courses offered by Math/CS. Take a look at the checklist or our course page for specific curriculum requirements.

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What kind of QTM courses will I take?

You'll take:

  • QTM 110: Introduction to Scientific Methods
  • QTM 150: Intro to Statistical Computing I (for students who declared Fall 2017 or after)
  • QTM 151: Intro to Statistical Computing II (for students who declared Fall 2017 or after)
  • QTM 220: Regression Analysis
  • Three upper-level elective courses (300- and 400-level lecture / seminar style QTM courses)
Elective course topics change every semester and include topics like Machine Learning, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Experimental Methods, Game Theory I/II, Survey Research Methods, Computational Modeling, Longitudinal/Panel Data Analysis, Bayesian Statistics, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Social Choice Theory, Data Science Computing, and Social Network Analysis.

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What kind of applied math and computer science courses will I take?

The applied math and computer science courses offered by Math/CS include calculus, linear algebra, numerical analysis, differential equations, modeling, mathematical statistics, optimization, numerical methods, computer programming, and introduction to algorithms and data structures.

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Can I double major in AMS and another subject? Will the same courses count toward both majors?

Yes, you can double major:

  • You can complete one major, two majors, or one major and one minor.
  • You can only double count two courses between any two majors or a major and a minor. That means that if you pursue an AMS and a Political Science major, a maximum of two courses between these two majors can overlap.
  • A number of double majors may not be allowed. Check with your faculty advisor, staff in MATH/CS, or Ann Powers to ensure your double major is allowed.
  • Double majoring can affect your ability to graduate on time; you will need to map out your schedule carefully to ensure you can complete two majors in four years

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I have AP Statistics credit. Does this credit count towards any courses in the major?

No. Students who receive a 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics exam may receive general credit towards the 124 academic hours for graduation; however, the course does not substitute for QTM 100 or any requirements in the AMS major. 

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Will I graduate in time if I pursue the AMS major?

Every course of study is different. We'll sit down with you and review your particular plan so that you know what to expect. Email or contact the Math/CS department.

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Where can I declare this major?

You can declare this major online here, after which the Math/CS department will assign you a faculty advisor. 

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