Business Administration + Quantitative Sciences Major

The Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods (QTM) and the Bachelor of Business Administration program in the Goizueta Business school offer a BBA with a secondary major in QSS.

This partnership couples the rigor of the BBA program with a second major in Quantitative Sciences. The purpose of this degree program is to enhance the quantitative and analytic preparation of students choosing to study business at Emory. As the functional fields of business including marketing analytics, strategy and management consulting, decision analysis/operations and finance, are increasingly driven by data and quantitative analysis, it is imperative that BBA students are sufficiently prepared in quantitative methods. It is also suitable for those interested in graduate training in business.

To complete the program, students must complete the BBA program requirements, plus the  a combination of 15 courses totaling 44 credit hours is required to complete the secondary major. Majors will take a minimum of 9 quantitative/statistics courses offered by QTM and 6 courses offered by the BBA program. Students must be admitted to the BBA program in order to earn the BBA/QSS second major.

Check out our Secondary QSS major checklist for a list of required coursework. 

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