Business Administration + Quantitative Sciences Major


Students must be admitted to the BBA program in order to earn the BBA/QSS secondary major.

The Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods (QTM) in Emory College and the Bachelor of Business Administration program in the Goizueta Business school offer a BBA with a secondary major in QSS. The program starts Fall 2018. Students are required to complete the BBA program PLUS a secondary QSS major. The secondary major consists of the requisite QTM coursework and 4 additional BUS courses.

This partnership couples the rigor of the BBA program with a second major in Quantitative Sciences. The purpose of this degree program is to enhance the quantitative and analytic preparation of students choosing to study business at Emory. As the functional fields of business including marketing analytics, strategy and management consulting, decision analysis/operations and finance, are increasingly driven by data and quantitative analysis, it is imperative that BBA students are sufficiently prepared in quantitative methods. It is also suitable for those interested in graduate training in business.

Check out our Secondary QSS major checklist (to the right) for a list of required coursework. 



Descriptions of the courses for BBA + secondary QSS majors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BBA + secondary Quantitative Sciences major differ from just double majoring?

The secondary Quantitative Sciences major combines intensive quantitative training with additional BUS courses. The purpose of this degree program is to enhance the quantitative and analytic preparation of students choosing to study business at Emory. 

It is different in that BBA students who wish to pursue a secondary major now have the option to do so with a BUS track, instead of the traditional tracks offered in Quantitative Sciences.

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How many courses do I need to complete the secondary QSS major?

47+ credit hours are required for the secondary major in QSS: CALC I, nine QTM courses, and six BUS courses. 18 credit hours of BUS courses is required for this secondary major in conjunction with the BBA program. Contact your BBA advisor for consultation. 

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What kind of BUS courses will I take?

In addition to the BBA program requirements, you will take six BUS electives for the secondary QSS major. BUS electives include courses in the area depths of the BBA program: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems & Operations Management, Marketing, and Strategy & Management Consulting. To determine exactly what BUS courses you need to take, you must consult with your BBA advisor.

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I have AP Statistics credit. Does this credit count towards any courses in the major?

No. Students who receive a 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics exam may receive general credit towards the 124 academic hours for graduation; however, the course does not substitute for QTM 100 or any requirements in the secondary QSS major. 

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Will I graduate in time if I pursue the BBA+ secondary QSS major?

The BBA + secondary QSS major is a rigorous course of study that requires early and careful planning if you wish to graduate in eight semesters (four years).

With that said, every student is different. We’ll sit down with you and review your particular plan so that you know what to expect. For questions about QSS (years one and two), e-mail Areanna Sabine, QTM Program Cooordinator, at or call 404-727-5136. For questions about the BBA program (years three and four), email Jessica Lowy at