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Institute for Quantitative Theory and MethodsSeptember 23, 2016


Annual Theme: Research Design is Not Enough

Research Design is Not Enough is this year's theme and will be showcased through an outstanding speaker series, a workshop on structural estimation and a conference on the Role of Theory in Causal Identification. Our annual theme considers the role of theory development and application in empirical research in the social sciences intended to support causal claims. Though social science seeks to understand the causes of important social phenomena, understanding requires both theoretical explanation as well as empirical evidence bearing on causal claims.
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COMING SOON: Workshops on Python, R, and SQL

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September 2016

Join us in welcoming two new faces at the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods: Assistant Professor Dr. Yunxiao Chen and Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Jeremy Jacobson.
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Eva Lewandowski, QuanTM's LGS fellow
Eva is a doctoral candidate in the Cognition and Development division of Emory University's Psychology Department. She is the recipient of QuanTM's LGS Advanced Graduate Completion Fellowship for this academic year. Fellowship recipients primarily collaborate with QuanTM's director and affiliated faculty and staff on Institute projects, curriculum development, fundraising, and development and outreach-related activities that promote QuanTM's mission. Fellows also interface and build networks with other departments and programs, predominately through events that promote interdisciplinary engagement among Emory's graduate students.
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Alberto Purpura, visiting Pre-doctoral fellow
Alberto Purpura hails from the University of Padua, Italy, where he studies Computer Engineering. He will be here for the Fall 2016 semester, and is working with professor Roberto Franzosi on implementing new Natural Language Processing tools to classify verbal data automatically and extract Subject-Verb-Object triplets from narrative text. Alberto has worked with professor Franzosi on PC-ACE (Program for Computer-Assisted Coding of Events) since March 2015 and has developed various NLP solutions for Quantitative Narrative Analysis.
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New: Data Science Club

Data Science Club was started by a team of Emory university students from a broad range of majors who share a fascination with data science.

The purpose of the Emory University Data Science Club is to allow students interested in data science to learn more about potential career opportunities, to provide relevant and meaningful industry information, and to foster a space to expand interests within the field.
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