Applied Mathematics and Statistics Major

QuanTM and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (Math/CS) have launched a joint major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMSBS).

Combining the strengths of both departments, this major offers a more mathematically rigorous and in-depth path than the Quantitative Sciences major. It will give you the necessary building blocks for statistical analysis as well as the tools and conceptual foundations for quantitative research and empirical quantitative work.

You’ll take courses such as Introduction to Scientific Methods and Regression Analysis as well as courses in multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and probability and statistics. You’ll also have additional courses and electives that draw from QuantTM, applied mathematics, and computer science.

Whether you’re planning to work in data-oriented or quantitative fields; go to graduate school for statistics or applied math, actuarial science or financial mathematics; or pursue interdisciplinary graduate training in the social sciences, physical and natural sciences, or engineering, this major will prepare you. 

The Applied Math & Statistics Major Checklist details what coursework is required to complete the B.S.