We offer a number of programs designed to support faculty and graduate students interested in quantitative theory and methodology. Each year QTM supports several visiting pre- and post-doctoral fellowships. For faculty interested in developing quantitative skills, QTM also offers a competitive skill-building leave program. Graduate students in need of statistical consulting are welcome to use QTM's statistics help desk. These are resources we offer Emory.

Departments and schools throughout Emory offer other resources, some of which we link to on the QTM site. Looking for various (graduate-level) quantitative courses to take? Check out our downloadable and searchable Excel file listing a comprehensive guide to Quantitative Graduate Courses* available at Emory. The file currently has filters enabled in the top row, which allows for each column to be sorted based upon the desired criteria. If you are unable to open the file by simply clicking, right click on the link and select "Download linked file" to access the spreadsheet. Are you looking for a comprehesive site to connect with research data services and support across Emory? Visit

*Information is subject to change