Government, business, law, academia, non-profits— just about any sector you can think of demands specialized and applied quantitative skills.  But don’t take our word for it. Use the links below to hear from experts in a broad range of professions about how quantitative training is changing their field.

What are QSS and AMSBS students doing after graduation?

Based on survey information this is what we know about our 2016/2017graduates:

42% - Graduate School

42% - Job

Sample graduate schools

Columbia University

University of Michigan

Northwestern University

Graduate Programs being pursued

18% - MS Biostatistics

45% - MS Business Analytics/Data Science/Statistics

9%  -  MpH Public Health

27% - Other/Undecided

Types of jobs

36% - Consulting

18% - Education

18% - Retail/E-commerce

27% - Other

The links below connect you to a few of the more relevant job resources for recent college graduates concentrating in quantitative areas.  The QuanTM Navigator, a bi-monthly publication for our QSS majors, provides the most targeted and timely opportunities. 


ADP Corporation ADP is a provider of Cloud-based Human Capital Management and a leader in business outsourcing services and analytics, with a large branch in Atlanta. Job opportunities are available nationwide - search data science or statistics for targeted view.
AT&T AT&T offers Big Data Job opportunties in Atlanta and around the country.  Find opportunities to work with AT&T's Big Data team which is made up of top innovators, cool technology and a start-up culture. You may get to work with one of the largest data sets in the world.
Coca-Cola Company Offers many undergraduate & seasonal internships across the world, including R&D positions involving data collection and analysis
Delta Airlines Openings available in Atlanta and Internationally.  This link shows all Corporate openings. 
Koch Industries List of current job postings requiring statistics/quantitative background
Microsoft Listing of opportunities for recent college graduates.  Can search for jobs outside the US and various areas of focus.

Associations, Non-profits, and Other Institutions

Research Triangle Institute Job openings in North Carolina and other locations.  Search for data science positions to obtain a targeted list of opportunities.
The Federal Reserve Career opportunities in Research/ Economics and other professional areas.  Search for data science or statistics or key word quantitative for a more targeted list.
USA Jobs - Federal Government This site lists many of the opportunities available for recent grads within the federal government, some of which are based in Atlanta.  Click on Find Recent Graduate Jobs for a listing.

Job Aggregators

LookSharp Listings of entry level positions available nationwide.  Select key words such as "quantitative" or "statistics" for targeted opportunities.
StackOverflow Listings of entry level positions available nationwide.  Select key words such as "data science" or "statistics" for targeted opportunities.
Kaggle Targeted data science job board. Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists, statisticians, and machine learning engineers.
LinkedIn Link takes you directly to Data Scientist positions.  Change keyword search for other areas of interest.
Chegg Listings of entry level positions available nationwide.  Select Entry Level Jobs and key words such as "data science" or "statistics" for targeted opportunities.
Job site for talented, qualified technical communications professionals - opportunities for English track students


L-3 Data Tactics: Dr. Nathan Dannenman, Data Scientist


Adobe Software Systems: Joe Walker, Senior Consultant

IBM: Felecia Kornegay, Client Manager

Ernst & Young: Nicole Miller, Manager in Quantitative Economics and Statistics



The Emory Law School: Dr. Sue Payne, Executive Director, Center for Transactional Law and Practice



Anthropology: Dr. James Rilling, Associate Professor

Biostatistics & Bioinfromatics: Dr. Howard Chang

Economics: Dr. Christopher Curran, Associate Professor

Political Science: Dr. Jennifer Gandhi, Associate Professor

Psychology: Dr. Irwin Waldman, Professor


Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education: Dr. Dana Rickman, Director of Policy and Research