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Public Policy Analysis Major

Overview of the PPA major

As members of a society, you have the opportunity and the privilege to affect change on pressing issues of our time. The major in Public Policy Analysis combines the rigor of a quantitative sciences degree with an emphasis on public policy. This major will help you better understand public policy and how to assess policy and the context in which it exists.


This major prepares you for:

  • Employment in many data- or quantitatively-oriented policy arenas (e.g., non-profit, education, government, social work, etc.)
  • Graduate study in economics, law, political science, or business
  • Interdisciplinary graduate training, for example in the social sciences or environmental sciences

What distinguishes PPA from similar majors?

  • The PPA major sits at the intersection of political and quantitative sciences, which allows you to focus on both. The main reason to choose PPA over a political science major, economics major, or business major is that it provides a more specific path geared toward analyzing public policy. All of these are excellent programs - the deciding factor should be what is right for your professional development!
  • The statistical computing and heavy quantitative focus of the PPA will help you learn to advocate for data-based policy decisions

Washington Semester

washington-monument.jpgThrough a cooperative arrangement with American University in Washington, D.C., qualified PPA students may spend a semester of study in Washington.

The 16-week semester in Washington includes:

  • A two-day a week internship
  • A 3-day a week seminar
  • A research project.

Those programs with a study abroad component offer a variety of field practica. Click here for more information about this program.