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Affiliated Faculty & Advisory Board

QTM faculty affiliates are ones who are significantly engaged with QTM, either intellectually or instructionally. Faculty affiliates may teach courses for QTM, serve as QTM's liaisons to their departments at Emory University, and guide QTM students through their unique paths.
Weihua An Headshot
Weihua An
Associate Professor | QTM & Sociology
Tarbutton 102
Abhishek Ananth Headshot
Abhishek Ananth
Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 589
Michal Arbilly Headshot
Michal Arbilly
Assistant Teaching Professor | QTM & Biology
2127 Rollins
Gordon Berman Headshot
Gordon Berman
Assistant Professor by Courtesy | QTM & Biology
O. Wayne Rollins - Rollins 2107
Jinho Choi Headshot
Jinho Choi
Associate Professor | QTM & Computer Science
W302F Mathematics and Science Center
Allison Cuttner Headshot
Allison Cuttner
Assistant Teaching Professor | QTM
Adam Glynn Headshot
Adam Glynn
Professor | QTM & Political Science
PAIS 577
Zhiyun Gong Headshot
Zhiyun Gong
(On Leave AY 2023-2024)
Jo Guldi Headshot
Jo Guldi
Professor | QTM
David Hirshberg Headshot
David Hirshberg
Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 583
Jeremy Jacobson Headshot
Jeremy Jacobson
Faculty Lead of Computing Technology | QTM
PAIS 587
Ho  Jin Kim Headshot
Ho Jin Kim
Faculty Lead of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | QTM
PAIS 591
Wen Wei Loh Headshot
Wen Wei Loh
Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 575
Kevin McAlister Headshot
Kevin McAlister
Faculty Lead of Undergraduate Research | QTM
PAIS 579
Pablo Montagnes Headshot
Pablo Montagnes
Director of Graduate Studies | QTM
311 Tarbutton Hall
John W. Patty Headshot
John W. Patty
Professor | QTM & Political Science
Maggie Penn Headshot
Maggie Penn
Professor | QTM & Political Science
Kevin Quinn Headshot
Kevin Quinn
Professor | QTM & Law
PAIS 573
Sandeep Soni Headshot
Sandeep Soni
Assistant Professor | QTM
Allison Stashko Headshot
Allison Stashko
Assistant Professor | QTM
Ruoxuan Xiong Headshot
Ruoxuan Xiong
Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 581
Patricia Brennan Headshot
Patricia Brennan
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology, Chair
367 Psychology Building
Christina E. Crawford Headshot
Christina E. Crawford
Assistant Professor | Art History
141 Carlos Hall
Roberto Franzosi Headshot
Roberto Franzosi
Professor | Sociology
Tarbutton Hall 212
Katia Koelle Headshot
Katia Koelle
Associate Professor | Biology
Rollins 1015
Benjamin J. Miller Headshot
Benjamin J. Miller
Director of Technical Writing | Emory Writing Program
Callaway N123
Paloma Moyano Headshot
Paloma Moyano
Assistant Teaching Professor | Economics
PAIS 569
Ilya Nemenman Headshot
Ilya Nemenman
Director of Graduate Studies | Physics
MSC - RM N240
Michael Page Headshot
Michael Page
Assistant Teaching Professor | Geography
E534 Math and Science Center 5th floor
Gregory Palermo Headshot
Gregory Palermo
Assistant Teaching Professor | Emory Writing Program | Affiliated Faculty | QTM
Callaway N319
Victoria Powers Headshot
Victoria Powers
Professor | Mathematics
Eri Saikawa Headshot
Eri Saikawa
Associate Professor | Environmental Sciences
E512 Math and Science Center 5th floor
Lance Waller Headshot
Lance Waller
Professor | Biostatistics