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Nathaniel Silverblatt Headshot
Nathaniel Silverblatt
Visiting Assistant Professor | QTM
Dan Sinykin Headshot
Dan Sinykin
Assistant Professor by Courtesy | QTM
Callaway N314
Weihua An Headshot
Weihua An
Associate Professor | QTM & Sociology
Tarbutton 102
Abhishek Ananth Headshot
Abhishek Ananth
Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 589
Michal Arbilly Headshot
Michal Arbilly
Assistant Teaching Professor | QTM & Biology
2127 Rollins
Mark Bell Headshot
Mark Bell
Visiting Instructor | QTM
Gordon Berman Headshot
Gordon Berman
Assistant Professor by Courtesy | QTM & Biology
O. Wayne Rollins - Rollins 2107
Jinho Choi Headshot
Jinho Choi
Associate Professor | QTM & Computer Science
W302F Mathematics and Science Center
Adam Glynn Headshot
Adam Glynn
Professor | QTM & Political Science
PAIS 577
Zhiyun Gong Headshot
Zhiyun Gong
Director of Undergraduate Studies | QTM
PAIS 567
David Hirshberg Headshot
David Hirshberg
Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 583
Jeremy Jacobson Headshot
Jeremy Jacobson
Faculty Lead of Computing Technology | QTM
PAIS 587
Ho Jin Kim Headshot
Ho Jin Kim
Faculty Lead of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | QTM
PAIS 591
Lauren Klein Headshot
Lauren Klein
Winship Distinguished Research Professor of English and Quantitative Methods
Callaway N310
Wen Wei Loh Headshot
Wen Wei Loh
Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 575
Kevin McAlister Headshot
Kevin McAlister
Faculty Lead of Undergraduate Research | QTM
PAIS 579
Pablo Montagnes Headshot
Pablo Montagnes
Director of Graduate Studies | QTM
311 Tarbutton Hall
John W. Patty Headshot
John W. Patty
Professor | QTM & Political Science
Maggie Penn Headshot
Maggie Penn
Professor | QTM & Political Science
Megan Reed Headshot
Megan Reed
Visiting Assistant Professor | QTM & Sociology
Gregory Sasso Headshot
Gregory Sasso
Visiting Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 580
Joe Sutherland Headshot
Joe Sutherland
Visiting Assistant Professor | QTM
Scott Tyson Headshot
Scott Tyson
Associate Professor | QTM
PAIS 569
Martin Van der Linden Headshot
Martin Van der Linden
Visiting Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 580
Ruoxuan Xiong Headshot
Ruoxuan Xiong
Assistant Professor | QTM
PAIS 581