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Career Night conversation with data science professional

Preparing for Post-Graduation

QTM Prep: QTM's Commitment to Professional Preparedness 

QTM Prep is a professionalization resource exclusive to majors and minors that prepares students with practical skillsets for their future careers, from resume-writing, to technical skill building, to interview practice. Whether you are interested in industry or academia, government or non-profit, you will need the technical, professional, and personal skills to land your dream job.  QTM majors and minors can click here to access the QTM Prep Program!


Experiential Learning

In its simplest form, experiential learning is Challenge and Experience, followed by Reflection, leading to Learning and Growth.

QTM's  partnerships with industry, alumni, and programs at Emory facilitate invaluable hands-on experiences for QTM students. Our offerings include:

  • Applied Capstone Research - a distinctive industry-college collaboration that enables students to apply their skills to real-world problems, all while strengthening their leadership and communications skills under faculty mentorship.
  • Undergraduate Research fellowships - QTM-lead program where a select group of undergraduate fellows who actively participate in the university's vibrant research environment
  • Technical workshops - through collaborations with external practitioners and internal Emory experts, QTM hosts a variety of workshops to equip students with leading-edge analytical tools
  • Datathons and Hackathons - friendly competitions that let students practice with real-world data to answer real-world problems
  • Peer Mentorship in Statistics - fuel your own learning and help others with their own by engaging in peer mentorship. Opportunities to serve as a learning assistant or lab assistant for QTM courses are open by application to QTM majors and minors every semester!
  • Internships - opportunities that allow students to apply their cumulative skills in a professional setting