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The mission of QuanTM is to promote the teaching, learning, and use of quantitative theory and methods. QuanTM's 2013-2014 theme is "Complex Networks".

Many phenomena in the physical, biological, social, and humanistic worlds can be understood as network-based. Complex networks represent a point of interdisciplinary convergence: they tend to have similar structural properties, regardless of the originating disciplinary field; they raise similar challenges, such as centrality, robustness, dynamics, and diffusion; and they require similar methodological tools across disciplines. We are pleased to host a series of speakers and workshops related to "Complex Networks".

QuanTM currently runs a college-wide statistics course, an undergrad fellowship program, pre-doctoral and visiting faculty fellowships, a faculty skill-building leave program, and a statistical consulting service. QuanTM is offering a B.S. in Quantitative Sciences in the fall of 2014. Information on these and future endeavors may be found through the above links.