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Applied Mathematics and Statistics Major


The Applied Math and Stats major (not to be confused with the Applied Math major) is jointly offered by QTM and the Department of Mathematics. It is the most technically rigorous curriculum offered by the QTM department. It will provide the necessary building blocks for statistical analysis as well as the tools and conceptual foundations for quantitative research and empirical quantitative work.


This major will prepare you for:

  • Data-oriented or quantitative fields
  • Becoming a "Type B" Data Scientist (data engineer)
  • Graduate school in statistics or applied math, actuarial science, or financial mathematics
  • Interdisciplinary graduate training in business analytics, the social sciences (particularly economics), physical and natural sciences, or engineering

What distinguishes AMS from similar majors?

There are three key features of the AMS major:

  1. Introduction to Scientific Methods will change how you think and help you approach statistical questions with an eye for cause and effect
  2. The major focuses on practical applications but isn't limited to any one field, so if you want to keep your options open, your AMS coursework will be broadly applicable to a range of disciplines
  3. MathemA common core of courses (like Intro to Statistical Computing and Regression Analysis) is shared across QTM majors, but specific courses in the AMS major emphasize mathematical foundations

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