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Business Administration and Quantitative Sciences Major

NOTE: Students must apply and be admitted to the BBA program in order to earn the BBA+QSS secondary major. Intent to complete the BBA+QSS major does not guarantee admission or grant priority to students planning to matriculate to Goizueta Business School.

Overview of the BBA+QSS secondary major

image of sample statistics notesThe Department of Quantitative Theory and Methods (QTM) in Emory College and the Bachelor of Business Administration program in the Goizueta Business School have joined forces to offer a BBA with a secondary major in QSS. This partnership couples the rigor of the BBA program with a secondary major in Quantitative Sciences. 

What Distinguishes BBA+QSS from similar majors?

  • The purpose of this degree program is to enhance the quantitative and analytic preparation of students choosing to study business at Emory. While pursuing a BBA alone will provide students an excellent foundation in practical approaches to data in business, adding a QSS secondary major adds additional opportunities for data training
  • If you are a student in the Business School, completing a BBA+QSS major requires fewer extra courses than completing a QSS major with a college track, which makes it more accessible and practical for completing the extra requirement

This major prepares you for:

  • Data-oriented business careers, including marketing analytics, strategy and management consulting, decision analysis/operations, and finance
  • Graduate training in business
  • Interdisciplinary graduate training, for example in sociology, economics, or political science


"Math565468.jpg" by Youssef ourradi is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0