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Upcoming Events

QTM Speaker Series

The Department of Quantitative Theory and Methods hosts guest speakers from around the country who specialize in data-centered fields, whether professional or academic. Please view our upcoming fall schedule to learn more about our speakers, topics, and dates. Specific inquiries about the series may be sent to QTM's Dr. John Patty.

Fall 2023

Date & Time
Lecture Title 

Wednesday, Sept. 20th, 1:00PM

PAIS 561Timothy Armstrong Robust Estimation and Inference in Panels with Interactive Fixed Effects

Monday, October 2nd, 1:00PM

White Hall, 112Carter Butts

Probing Emergent Social Structure with In Silico Experiments

Wednesday, October 18th, 1:00PM PAIS 561David SmithArtificial Intelligence as an Archival Science: Technologies and Narratives for the Human Record
Thursday, October 19th, 4:00PMPAIS 561Inioluwa Deborah Raji
Audits and Accountability in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Monday, October 23rd, 1:00PMZoom (link pending)Abbie Jacobs 
Wednesday, October 25th, 1:00PM PAIS 561Juan Estrada QTM Brownbag Talk
Monday, October 30th, 1:00PMPAIS 561Mark Brandt  

Attitudes are Interdependent

Wednesday, November 1st, 1:00PM Zoom (link pending) P. Aranow 
Wednesday, November 8th, 1:00PMPAIS 561Alejandro Sanchez Becerra QTM Brownbag Talk
Wednesday, November 15th, 1:00PMPAIS 561 Michael Leung 

Unconfoundedness with Network Interference

Wednesday, November 29th, 1:00PM PAIS 561Jamein CunninghamThe Impact of Affirmative Action Litigation on Police Killings of Civilians (with Robynn Cox and Alberto Ortega)
Monday, December 4th, 1:00PMPAIS 561Peter Hoff 

Mixed Effects Models for Skeptics

Spring 2024

Date & Time
Lecture Title 
Monday, January 22nd 1:00PMPAIS 561 Georg Vanberg 
Wednesday, February 21st, 1:00PMPAIS 561 Jacob Montgomery 
Wednesday March 20, 2024PAIS 561 Erin C. Cassese 
Monday, March 25th, 1:00PMPAIS 561 Dallas Card 
Wednesday, March 27th, 1:00PMPAIS 561Diogo Ferrari