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Hojin KimInterim Director of Undergraduate Studies | QTMFaculty Lead of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | QTMAssistant Teaching Professor | QTM


  • Ph.D., Developmental Psychology (Social Cognition Minor), University of California, Los Angeles , 2013
  • B.S., Psychology (Biology Minor), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2007


Research Interests

Infant perceptual / cognitive development


 Kim, H. I., Kahana-Kalman, R., & Johnson, S. P. (under review). Development of intermodal emotion matching in infancy.

 Kim, H. I., Johnson, K. L., & Johnson, S. P. (2015). Gendered race: Are infants’ face preferences guided by intersectionality of sex and race? Frontiers in Psychology, 6:1330

 Kim, H. I., & Johnson, S. P. (2014). Detecting “infant-directedness” in face and voice. Developmental Science.

 Kim, H. I., & Johnson, S. P. (2013). Do young infants prefer an infant-directed face or a happy face? International Journal of Behavioral Development, 37, 125-130.

 Kim, H. I., & Johnson, S. P. (2009). Infant Perception. Encyclopedia of Perception (Vol 1, pp. 496-501). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.


  • QTM 100: Introduction to Statistical Inference
  • QTM 150: Intro to Statistical Computing I
  • QTM 151: Intro to Statistical Computing II