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Calendar of Events

DataBlitz 2022

Join QTM for DataBlitz, a 2 day conference celebrating the intersection of liberal arts and data science!

A two-day conference exploring topics and work within Emory College's undergraduate intersection of the liberal arts and data sciences. Join QTM in person or online for sessions - and more - at Emory's Hatchery.  To register to attend:

Click the sway link below for general information:

* Please note that extra credit is available only for select QTM courses and only if your instructor says that you can earn it for that class!

DataBlitz 2021

Join QTM for 2 days celebrating the intersection of liberal arts and data science! Research presentations, information sessions, and a sneak peek into what QTM has been doing in the data science space over the past year. There is something for everyone, so log in to DataBlitz. Click below for more information, or click here to register:

DataBlitz Highlights:
  • QTM student work being presented to partnering stakeholders
  • Capstone projects engaged in by QTM upper-class students with external partner
  • DataThink project presentations pairing students, community stakeholders and data-science
  • Professional efforts for social good
  • Emory students’ award-winning work in data-driven competitions
  • QTM student poster talks highlighting undergraduate research projects