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Degree Checklists for majors declared prior to Fall 2022

The QTM faculty administration constantly scrutinizes the QTM curriculum to ensure that we are teaching the most relevant skills in the most appropriate way for our students. Because the world of data science moves quickly, the major must sometimes move as well. You should use the checklists on this page to determine your degree eligibility ONLY if you declared your QTM major BEFORE Fall 2022. Be sure to choose the correct version of the checklist based on your declaration date.

There are three key breakpoints in the curriculum: Fall 2022, June 2020, and Fall 2019. 

Starting Fall 2022, QTM 150 and QTM 151 are worth 2 credits each (instead of 1 credit each). If you declared your QTM major prior to Fall 2022 (e.g., in Summer 2022) but after Fall 2019, you need only take the 1 credit versions of QTM 150 and QTM 151.

The Political Science Department made changes to the PPA major, QSS Political Science track, and QSS International Studies track in June 2020. You can find the two transition checklists (prior to Fall 2019 and Fall 2019-May 31, 2020) for PPA in this list as well.

If you declared your QTM major prior to Fall 2019 (e.g., in Summer 2019 or earlier), your degree requirements are different than students who declared after you (QTM 120 versus MATH 210+MATH 221).

Former QSS Major Checklists

Former QSS minor checklists