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QTM Research

One of the most important skills for future data scientists is to know how to meaningfully engage in the expansion and discovery of new knowledge. We offer QTM students exclusive opportunities to gain this experience under the direction of a distinguished faculty member currently conducting cutting-edge research in their field.

If you're a QTM student who is interested in building their skills, click through each Research Lab below to learn more about the project, and then submit your application to the Lab of your choice! 

Legislative Accountability Lab

Legislative accountability is critical to a well-functioning democracy. Accountability requires the ability to observe what legislators are doing, and to be able reward or punish their behavior at the ballot box. To date, our ability to observe legislative behavior has been limited to easily recorded information, such as published (roll call) votes and speeches. Using modern advances in computational techniques, we are creating complete records of all recorded legislative behavior plus all of the “connective tissue” across these records for half a dozen legislative chambers. This data is available as a public resource for studying and holding legislators accountable. Using this exciting new evidence, the Legislative Accountability Lab is studying questions around the rise of political polarization, the causes and consequences of political motivations to manipulate the public record, and more.

Dr. Cliff Carrubba has a rolling call for students interested in working in his lab. Students must be prepared to commit to at least 5 hours of RA work a week. Students can apply for research credit as part of the lab. Students most likely to be accepted are ones with both exceptional conceptual and technical ability. If interested, submit a transcript and one-page statement that describes why you would like to work in the lab and what you are interested in doing after graduating. Dr. Carrubba will get back to you if he would like to invite you to a follow-on interview.

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