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Library Resources

Sage Research Methods

Contains access to numerous methods titles in electronic form.  Create and share your own methods lists (several customized lists exist, e.g.,, search for specific methods and illustrations, and link to methods articles published in Sage Journals.

Research Methods Cases are designed to highlight methodologies and approaches used by scholars in their doctoral and published research; Cases part 2 will be coming out in early January.

Individual electronic titles (as well as print equivalents) can be located in and accessed through the Emory Libraries catalog, DiscoverE.

Research Guides for Emory College Courses

Research guides have been compiled to assist faculty and students with locating and accessing necessary resources for completion of their research, including data.  Search for specific courses or for subject areas.

To search our catalog for the most recent methodology titles in the social sciences (and other fields), you may wish to employ this search.  You may also try the following search in your discipline: [discipline] and method* using the Advanced Search.

Health Sciences Libraries Communities

Health Sciences librarians also maintain their own webpages, designated by communities (research, public health, etc.) that point researchers to essential resources in their respective medical and health sciences research areas.

Key tools:

  • DiscoverE is the principal catalog for locating and accessing both print and electronic materials owned by Emory libraries.  Note that Emory librarians periodically review our methods holdings to search gaps, replace old editions, and maintain a usable collection.
  • Databases/Emory is a searchable list of all databases to which Emory subscribes.
  • Subject Liaisons (Woodruff)
  • Ask a Librarian (Health Sciences)

For more information about any of these resources, please contact Dr. Chris Palazzolo, social sciences librarian at Woodruff Library.