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Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

Research Fellowships

Emory is both an excellent liberal arts college and a tier-one research university. We take advantage of these strengths—and promote the fruitful interaction of undergraduate education and scholarly research—by hosting a select group of undergraduate fellows who actively participate in the university's vibrant research environment. 

QTM fellows gain valuable research experience in a field of interest and get academic credit for their work.

About the QTM Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Students are enrolled in three academic credits per semester (QTM 499: Directed Research)

Fellowships take place over one semester beginning in the Fall with the option to extend to the following Spring semester.

The research assistant position entails an average of 8-10 hours per week

QTM Fellows are highly self-motivated and can work independently. The program differs from taking a normal class:

  • there is no lecture
  • no classmates
  • no TA
  • no from A to Z guidance

Fellows have the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills through their own efforts without formal instruction.

Fellows will gain invaluable educational experiences that will give them an advantage in a variety of careers, including:

  • research
  • business
  • law
  • public service

  • Open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors only
  • An overall and major GPA of at least 3.5 is required
  • 8-10 hours of independent research per week
  • Completed QTM 150 and 151 or equivalent 
  • Priority is given to senior QTM major and minor students (QSS, AMS, PPA, and BBA + QSS students)

  • You may not participate in any Honors program
  • You may not participate in any research program outside of the QTM Fellowship

Please note: Research conducted as a QTM undergraduate fellow or research assistant cannot be used for or related to a student's undergraduate honors thesis work.

Admission to the QTM fellowship program is highly selective.

Students who would like to apply for a QTM fellowship should fill out one of the two applications below:

  •  If you already have a faculty advisor from any department across Emory’s campus who has committed to serve as your research advisor for the semester, fill out this application.
  • If you would like to be matched with a faculty advisor looking for an undergraduate research assistant, fill out this application.

Applicants who already have a committed research advisor should submit their application no less than 3 days before the end of the add/drop/swap period in the semester.  Applications submitted after this time will be rejected and you will not be enrolled in QTM 499R. This application requires a signed and dated letter from the faculty advisor stating that they are willing to serve in this capacity for the semester.  Applications that do not include this letter will not be reviewed, and you will not be allowed to enroll in the research course for credit. The Director of Undergraduate Research will then choose whether or not to approve enrollment in QTM 499R.  Students will be informed of the status of their applications as soon as possible.

Applicants who are applying to be matched with faculty advisors should complete the application close to the beginning of each semester. Applications will be reviewed and matched on a rolling basis, starting on the first Friday of classes in the new semester and continuing until the end of the semester’s add/drop/swap period.

When matching students to research assistant roles, preference will be given to students closer to graduation, as well as to students who fit the skills and interests of each project’s substantive area. Unfortunately, the number of applications for research assistant roles will far exceed the number of available positions. It is possible that matches will not work out in the initial stage, and we’ll revisit the applicant pool to fill all available positions. All students will be notified of their application’s status at the end of the add/drop/swap period.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the academic credits I receive through the QTM fellowship count towards my major?

    Up to three credits can count towards the general credit hour requirements for the QSS major. You cannot substitute for any of the required core courses or electives, but up to three credit hours can count towards the overall 50+ credits you need for the QSS, PPA, or AMS major.
  • Can the research I'm involved in as a part of this fellowship be related to my honors thesis?

    If you meet the criteria for QTM's Undergraduate Fellowship program, we will seek a match between you and a faculty member and/or PhD student based on your research interests and academic background. If we successfully match you, you will then meet with the faculty member and/or PhD student, establish expectations and responsibilities, and sign a contract.
  • What am I expected to do as a QTM Undergraduate Fellow? Do I just act as a research assistant for 8-10 hrs/week?

    In addition to acting as a research assistant, you must attend two brief check-in meetings during each semester with QTM's Undergraduate Fellowship Director. Fellows will be asked to complete a self-evaluation and discuss their progress in their respective research projects.